Buy a mall train ride for your shopping mall will be a good choice. On the hand, there would be a lot of people in the mall, so you will have plenty of customers. On the other hand, running train ride business in the mall can extend your business hours because it is not affected by weather factors. Therefore, you can kiddie mall train for your business. But how to pick the right mall train? Don’t worry, Dinis will help you from the perspective of professional amusement ride manufacturer.

Top 3 popular kiddie train ride in 2024

To be honest, there are all kinds of train ride for you to choose from. Track and trackless mall train, large, medium, and small shopping mall trains, etc. However, if you want to buy train for the mall center, you had better buy trackless train ride because it’s easy to run.

amusement park 36 people ridebale train

Crown theme mall train ride 

crown theme train for sale

crown theme train for sale

Crown-themed train is sized to fit the mall. The whole train is charmingly decorated. And there are 4 passenger cabins. And each passenger cabin can hold 4 people. At the same time, its running speed can reach 10km/h. But its speed is adjustable according to your actual need. In addition, you should consider the turning radius of the shopping mall. It should be more than 3 m. Because the turning radius of the crown train is more than 3 m. In order to protect the safety of the customer, the emergency braking distance of the entire vehicle is less than 0.5 m. So you can safely drive the Crown Train in the mall. At the same time, you can also customize the size ,capacity, and color of the train. The standard size of the train is 12.5m*1.5m*2.1m just for your reference.

Vintage train mall ride for sale


Amusement park antique train ride for sale

Amusement park antique train ride for sale

20 person antique trackless train is specially designed. It mainly contains 3 parts, locomotive, one water and coal carriage at the front and three passenger carriages. The coal bucket can accommodate both people and items. This design effect is to make the entire antique train more realistic and attract more people to ride it. Generally speaking, it mainly runs on batteries. And each antique train is equipped with 5 pcs 12v 150A battery and 4 kw power. You can increase or decrease the number of carriages. In terms of the size, the locomotive size is : 3*1.05*1.86m. And the cabin size is 1.62*0.98*1.97m. In addition to coal bucket size, it is 1.5*1.05m*1.09m. However, all of these are adjustable according to your requirements. Know more information, please feel free to contact us.

kids mall train

Christmas train ride for kids

Christmas train ride for kids

Children’s Christmas train is a holiday-themed train. But it is also popular in amusement park, theme park, shopping mall, etc. Typically, it is track train ride. The overall length of the train is about 50-100m. It is just for you reference. In addition, you need to set up a dedicated track area in the mall. The standard passenger capacity of this train is 16 people. However, we provide free customization service for you. You can customize the track size, track shape, and the overall capacity based on your need. Besides, for 16 seats Christmas train ride, it is equipped with 220V voltage and 2kw power. Meanwhile, the overall track size is 14*6 m. If you want to know more information, you can contact Dinis. And we will give you more detailed information.

Mall train price

For the three types of indoor train ride mentioned above, their prices are very different. Among of them, kids Christmas train are the cheapest. And 20 people vintage train is more expensive. Usually, it may cost you $8,000.00-$9,000.00 to buy a kids Christmas train. However, it may cost you more than $11,600.00 to buy a vintage train. For the price of the crown theme train, it may cost you $8,000.00-$12,000.00 to buy it. Furthermore,there are also other factors that affect price. For example, size, material, and customize options. Usually, it may cost you more money to customize the train ride. If you have enough budget, you can customize the kiddie mall train according to your need. Although it is expensive, its unique features can help you attract more customers.  However, if you don’t have enough expenses, you can choose cheap kids amusement train for your amusement park. For example, small rideable train ride in Dinis factory. If you want to know more about detailed information, please feel free to contact us by email. 

3 reasons to choose Dinis mall train ride manufacturer

Can you customize the mall train for your carnival business?


Dinis can provide free customized service for you. But customized shopping mall trains are more expensive than common train ride. Next are the customizable options. You can customize the capacity,  color, and theme, etc.