In Dinis factory, we have produced a variety of flying chair rides. There are luxury Flying chair, Fruit-themed swing ride, Candy-themed chair swing ride, and animal-themed spinning swing ride, etc. Giraffe flying chair ride for sale is a kind of animal-themed swing ride. The biggest difference between the Giraffe swing ride and the ordinary flying chair is the big arms carrying the cockpit have been replaced with lifelike and colorful giraffe shapes. It is a new amusement ride was developed by our company according to the need of market. It has a novel appearance and green chassis decorated with vibrant butterflies and bird pattern. And Giraffes with different colors combined together can easily attract people’s attention. The exquisite and colorful cartoon cockpit is greatly welcomed by children.

Besides, the top cornices and central column of fiberglass are equipped with colored lights, which are beautiful at night. However, due to its small footprint, it can be used outdoor and indoor amusement park, shopping mall, theme park, etc. Last but not least, the specifications of the Giraffe Flying Chair Ride for Sale is various, customers can choose according to your site requirements and investment budget. Following is the the most common and best-selling Giraffe flying chair ride in Dinis

The best-selling New design Giraffe flying chair for sale with 12 seat

Different number of cabins is available in Dinis factory for Giraffe Flying Chair Ride for Sale. However, according to the feedback from our clients, 12-seat Giraffe flying chair amusement ride is the most popular one at home and abroad. On the one hand, it covers a small footprint, mainly 6m*4.5m H. So it is an ideal investment project for investors no matter in indoors or outdoors. Besides, due to its small footprint, it is very suitable for your backyard. Many parents buy it for their children to save their time and energy to have fun in their free time. Or to play the Giraffe flying chair with their children together to enjoy the happy parent-child time.

On the other hand, it is very easy to transport. The volume of the Giraffe flying chair is relatively smaller than the bigger one. Usually, the volume of the Giraffe Flying chair is 18 CBM. Therefore, transportation costs are relatively lower. Many investors are willing to purchase it for their carnival business. Although its smaller size, it has stronger power with 3 KW and 380 V voltage. It is safe for children and adults. At the same time, 12-seat Giraffe flying chair amusement equipment in Dinis include 6 cabins and 6 stay rods, and each cabin can hold 2 people. Last but not least, Giraffe flying chair ride is also equipped with LED lights, which is more gorgeous at night. To sum up, the Giraffe Flying Chair is a very good project worth investing in.

What safety measures do we take for the Giraffe Flying Chair Rides?

Safety is very vital for amusement equipment manufacturer. All Dinis’s amusement equipment comply with international standards. The Giraffe Flying Chair Ride for Sale also no exception, we adopt fine Fibre-reinforced plastic material for the body of the flying chair. Strong hanging steel chains will not break to ensure the maximum bearing capacity with 100 kg , more safer and assured. Also there will be a protective layer on the chain to protect your hands from injury during play.

Besides, each cabin also contains safety belt and steel safety bar. When the equipment running, the safety belt can guarantee the passengers would not fall from the cabins. What’s more, the slewing bearing of the Giraffe flying chair is more flexible. It can ensure the smooth run of the equipment and bring a better experience for customers. Additionally, the voltage of the Giraffe flying chair is normal for people, it wouldn’t hurt people’s health. Last but not least, the base is buried deep and will not collapse easily, even in strong winds.

Wide Application of the Giraffe Swing Ride

As a small amusement equipment, Giraffe Flying chair amusement ride is common like Christmas train rides in many places. You can see it in shopping mall, the front of store, amusement park, and even your backyard.

Outdoor kids flying chair ride

It is suitable to buy a Giraffe flying chair for your children and put it in your backyard. Many customers prefer to buy a Giraffe flying chair for their children. On the one hand, its novel appearance can attract children’s attention and bring them a lot of fun. On the other hand, parents can save their time and energy in their free time. There was no noise from their children, and parents can enjoy the alone time. Also they can improve their work efficiency. Last but not least, parents can also accompany their children to play together, bringing a lot of fun for the whole family.

It will be a good attraction in fairs and carnivals. There will be a lot of people in fairs and carnivals. If you buy a giraffe flying chair ride in fairs or carnivals, it will be the biggest highlight. Children at fairs all like this kind of novel amusement ride. Children’s laughter will add a happy atmosphere to the fair. At the same time, it will be a good source of customers and will bring you considerable income.

How much for Giraffe swing rides?

As a small flying chair ride, Giraffe swing ride is cheaper than bigger one. When you looking for a Giraffe flying chair, you should compared the price and the quality of the product. As a direct supplier, we clearly know the price of other suppliers. Here we give you some advice, cheaper prices doesn’t mean high quality. Maybe the price is lower now, but the later maintenance may be higher. Also waste your time and energy. Why not choose a high quality Giraffe flying chair at the beginning?


Luxury flying chair

By choosing Dinis manufacturer, you will get high quality products at a low price. The price of the Giraffe flying chair ride in Dinis is $7,000.00-$9,500.00 per set. If you want to know the specific price, you need to tell us your requirements, and then we can make an estimate priced based on your needs.  Of course, there will discount for you according to your order. At the same time, you can get the factory price with high quality product. The source manufacturer of Dinis is worthy of your trust. If you any question, please feel free to contact us, or just a free inquiry.


Dears friends, we will one-time shipping. We will ship by sea, usually from Qingdao, China. Of course, if you’re in a hurry, we can ramp up production, or we can allocate products to you first.

Usually it takes 7-10 days. However, if you’re in a hurry, we can work with our semi-finished products. And it will only take 5 days.

Our flying chair adopts high quality fiberglass and galvanized steel material. Under normal circumstance, it can use 7-8 years. However, if you have a good maintenance, it can last 10 years.

Dear friends, in order to ensure that our products are sent to your country in good condition And we will ship the umbrella top and pillars separately.

We will provide you with professional installation manuals and videos. However, we can send professional workers to your country if needed.