How to maintain the carousel during daily use? It is very important to know how to maintain merry go round ride in daily use, especially for carnival business operator. In this article, Dinis amusement ride manufacturer will tell you some professional tips on how to maintain the carousel.

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Daily inspection of carousel equipment

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Other maintenance tips

  • Cleaning job:

    Regularly wipe all parts of the carousel, including seats, guardrails, center posts and decorations, with a soft cloth to remove dust, dirt and keep the equipment tidy.

    In addition, it is best to use non-corrosive cleaners to clean plastic and metal surfaces. But care should be taken to avoid moisture staying on the equipment for a long time to avoid causing rust on metal parts, such as, sheet metal,  or rot on wooden parts.

  • Lubrication and maintenance the carousel:

    Regularly check and lubricate the rotating parts of the carousel, such as bearings, gears, and rotating mechanisms. According to the guidelines and schedule provided by the manufacturer to maintain good movement and reduce wear. In addition, use the lubricant provided by the manufacturer and avoid lubricants that may damage the material.

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    Record maintenance log

    Record the date, time, content and problems found of each inspection and maintenance in detail.  So that potential failures can be tracked and resolved.

  • 2

    Spare parts preparation for the carousel

    Prepare some commonly used spare parts, such as light bulbs, screws, bearings, etc., so that they can be replaced in time when needed.

  • 3

    Seasonal maintenance

    If the carousel equipment is outdoors, corresponding maintenance should be carried out according to seasonal changes. Such as anti-freeze in winter, sun protection in summer, etc. If possible, you can build a shade shed in summer to prevent direct sunlight from aging the carousel’s appearance and affecting its service life.


  • 4

    Professional maintenance

    Regularly arrange professional technicians to maintain the carousel and check the integrity of its structure and mechanical system.

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Adhering to the above maintenance work regularly can significantly increase the service life of the carousel. What’s more, these tips can maintain its beauty and safety. At the same time, ensure that all maintenance work complies with the manufacturer’s specifications and local safety regulations. If you want to know more professional detailed information about how to maintain the carousel during daily use, please feel free to contact us by email