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Snow dry rainbow slide amusement ride for sale


single slide: 2-2.4 m

double slide: 3-3.7 m

Length: 100-500 m, customized service is available

Age group: children over 5 years old, and adults.



Snow dry rainbow slide amusement ride for sale is also known as rainbow dry snow slide. It is one of new design powerless amusement rides. Typically, it contains seven colors and runs through the scenic spot like a rainbow, which is shockingly beautiful. The colorful slides have a very high appearance, which is very suitable for people who travel to check in and take photos. Besides, the Rainbow Slide is a speed-based, non-powered event that creates a full range of sensory stimulation experiences through the body’s weightlessness and overweight, as well as visual rapid advancement and feeling of wind resistance. This kind of speed experience is something you can’t experience every day. It is a hit in amusement park, theme park, square.

Typically, it  works with the air jumping cloud. Of course, it is adjustable according to your needs.  But the length of the snow dry rainbow slide amusement ride for sale is not too long or too short, both can influence the experience of the customers. In addition, dry ski rainbow slide has strong capacity, it can accommodate 50-100 people at one time. In terms of service life, it adopts Polyethylene (PE) plastic material. Features heat resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance. If you want to know more detailed information about rainbow slide rides, please feel free to contact us.


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