As a classic amusement ride, amusement train ride is indispensable for amusement park, playground, theme park, shopping mall, etc. Usually, kiddie train rides are especially designed for kids. And also there are all kinds of theme for you to choose from. For example, crown theme kiddie train ride, ocean train ride, and animal theme small train ride. Of course, you can also customize the amusement train ride as your requirements. Dinis can provide free customization service for you. Following are the popular kiddie train rides.

16 seats crown theme kids train for sale

16 people crown theme train belongs to trackless train. One side of the train is decorated with flowers. There is a crown design on the top of each cabins. Overall, the design is very attractive. And you can see it in the mall, square, theme park, etc. What’s more, the entire crown train ride is equipped with colorful LED lights. It is very gorgeous at night. Meanwhile, you can run your carnival business at night. And bring more profit for you. Generally speaking, it contains one locomotive and 4 passenger cabins. And each cabin can hold 4 people. So the total capacity is 16 people. Of course, you can increase or decrease the number of carriages according to your actual needs. In addition, you should pay more attention to the width of the road. Because the turning radius is relatively large. Mainly about 3 m.


Therefore, the width of the road should be greater than 3 meters. Only in this way, it can ensure the safety of the visitors. In addition, its running speed is stable. It can reach 10km/h. So you can rest assure the safety of your children. Last but not least, in terms of size, its area is 12.5 m*1.5m*2.1m. Furthermore, if an emergency occurs, the emergency braking distance is less than 0.5m. In this way, it can ensure the safety of all its customers.

Children ocean train for theme park

Typically, ocean train ride is especially designed for ocean theme park. Meanwhile, the locomotive is a variety of marine animals. The color of the entire ocean train is mainly blue. Usually, ocean train ride is track amusement attraction. And the shape of the track is round. But you can customize the shape according to your requirements. The overall length of the train is about 20 m. Moreover, there are white sand and various statues of marine animals around the track. All of these is more vivid to kids. At the same time, the track size is about 10m. It is also equipped with 220V voltage and 2 kw power. For the capacity, there are 16/20/24 seats. And each cabin can also hold 4 people. If you want to know more information, please feel free to contact us.

Mini rail train with tracks for backyard

Mini rail train rides are especially designed for children ages 3-12. Generally speaking, it is a kind of rideable train. The overall design is very novel. The front of the locomotive is shaped like a caterpillar. At the same time, each train ride contains 4 passenger cockpits. And there are 2 rows seats for each cabins. Besides, there are LED lights around the cabin. It is more gorgeous at night. Meanwhile, you can adjust the number of the cabins as your actual needs. In addition, in terms of running speed, it can reach 6-8/r min.

What’s more, the running time can also be adjusted. Mainly about 3-5 minute. Furthermore, it is also equipped with 5 kw power and 380 V voltage. At the same time, high quality FRP and steel material can prolong its service life. If you buy mini rail train with track for you backyard, your children and the whole family can ride at anytime. Know more detailed information, just contact us.

ant amusement train ride for sale

How much do kiddie train ride cost?

After learning about our children’s train ride, you must be interested in their prices, right? To be honest, the price varies depending on many factors. For example, the size, customization service, etc. Here I can only give you the price range for the kiddie train above mentioned. It may cost $6,000-$9,000.00 to buy above kiddie train. Among them, backyard mini rail train ride is the cheapest. And crown trackless mall train is more expensive than others.

However, Dinis also has other type amusement train for children. For example, track Christmas train, trackless Thomas train, animal-theme train ride, etc. If you have tight budget, we recommend you buy small amusement train. Of course, we can also customize the train ride according to your budget. And we can assure that customized train will not beyond your expenditure. What’s more, high quality with long service life. Because we are source manufacturer and give more profit for our customers. Therefore, if you want to buy kids train ride for your carnival business but do not have enough budget. Please feel free to contact Dinis carnival ride manufacturer. We will give you a suitable kid train ride solutions.

amusement park ant theme train

Things you should pay attention to when buying a  kiddie train