here is a wide range of soft play area equipment for sale. What kind of naughty castle equipment to buy can be a big question for people who want to start a soft play business. Don’t worry, leave the expertise to the professionals. Usually, commercial indoor amusement equipment is common in shopping malls, family entertainment centers, schools,

 and other places. So you first need to find a venue. Additionally, you also need to make sure of the age group and whether your playground is suitable for children or the entire family.

However, whether it’s for kids or the entire family, there are some popular and versatile indoor

playground equipment you can purchase for your children’s indoor playground. We will mention this in this article. Last but not least, you should choose the right theme for your indoor play space. If you’re still unclear about this, here are some popular Naughty Castle themes for your reference.

Types of soft play area equipment for sale

Dinis source manufacturer offers all kinds of theme for inside playground to satisfy the preferences of children. At the same time, the overall design of the playground structure is more safe and environment for kids. We have pink soft play, forest theme, candy theme, snow theme, Macaron theme, ocean theme, British themed naughty castle, science and technology space themed indoor playground, etc. However, we can offer customized service according to your landing size, budget expenses and needs.

Pink soft play ride covers a small area, usually it is movable. If you have immediate business, you can buy this kid soft play equipment.  And it is very easy to operate. In addition,  due to its compact size, it is suitable for birthday parties, especially for girls. Also is better indoor play structures for home.

The British-themed naughty castle refers to adding British logo patterns during the design process, such as the British Union Jack flag, various characteristic buildings, etc. The British-style naughty castle can not only let children feel the chivalry spirit of mutual cooperation, but also cultivate children’s gentlemanly temperament from an early age. The entire naughty castle is based on red and blue.

Macaron theme naughty castle is becoming more and more popular in recent days. Common Macaron colors in children’s naughty castle theme parks include dreamy and light cherry blossom pink, refreshing and pleasant mint green, bright and jumping cream yellow, quiet and atmospheric light lake blue, etc. All of which are low-saturation colors and fresh. Good-looking, giving people a visual enjoyment.

The space-themed children’s park is based on the vast universe as the background. It is equipped with models and decorations of space elements such as rocket models, flying saucer models, spaceship models, and ocean ball pools. The overall use of darker colors creates a sci-fi and dreamy atmosphere, fulfilling children’s dreams of traveling in space.

Different sizes of indoor soft playground for your reference

The above are the most common types of indoor playground. Of course, we can design the soft play indoor playground according to your requirements. For example, the theme of the castle, the number of the whole equipment,etc. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us. 

What are the common items in Soft play area equipment for sale?

It is crucial to choose suitable children’s indoor play structure when setting up soft play business. But how to choose? Here are top 4 popular equipment in soft play area.

Ball pit is indispensable for indoor kids playground. Usually, it is an area filled with soft PVC balls or sponge balls. Children can do a variety of activities on it. Such as, lying on it, burying the body in the ball, and playing hide-and-seek with their parents with high interactive. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the children. Because the entire area is very soft, all seams are stitched internally.

Slides always are popular with children, no matter how old they are. Especially for those little children. Therefore, slide is essence of indoor play structures. such as stainless steel slide, fiberglass slide, etc.  However, when choose slide amusement rides, choose a more exciting slide, such as a spiral slide. Besides, the length of the slide can be as long as possible, so that children will have a better experience. For this situation you can choose fiberglass slides because they can be assembled from parts.

Trampoline ride in soft play indoor area is different from bungee trampoline carnival rides. It not requires electric to run, safe, health, environmental friendly. The most important thing is that it can enhance children’s physical fitness through bouncing, jumping. The size of the trampoline mainly depend on your venue. At the same time, we can offer a free site planning or customized service according to your needs.

For the entire indoor soft playground, add some mechanical rides to your soft play centre more attractive. Of course, The smaller the device, the better the overall effect. Such as, mini carousels, small flying chair ride, etc.

Indoor playground soft play prices

  • The prices for indoor playground soft play equipment can vary widely mainly depend on the type of equipment, its size, manufacturer or supplier and your customized requirements. Of course, what we can tell you is that the larger the area, the cheaper the price. As a professional soft play supplier in Chinese amusement ride industry, we can give you the factory price. What’s more, if your order is relatively large, we will give you a certain discount based on the factory price. We can meet and discuss the specific discounts in detail.

  • Another factor that affects the price is the choice of material. We have naughty castles made of fiberglass,  wood,  rubber. In comparison, wooden ones are cheaper and glass ones are more expensive. So you can freely choose according to your requirements. 

  • Of course, I’m not saying here that cheap ones are of bad quality and expensive ones are of good quality.They have each other’s strengths. The wooden naughty castle is natural and harmless, while the fiberglass naughty castle has a more beautiful shape. Mainly depends on your needs. If you want to know more about our soft play equipment, please feel free to contact us, or send a free inquiry.

About materials of soft play equipment in Dinis factory.

  • Ocean ball

    The ocean ball is made of low-density polyethylene, non-toxic and odorless.
    Wall thickness 0.6~0.8mm, diameter 80mm
    Ocean ball weight 8g

  • Column: Hot-dip galvanized columns are all made of 48mm galvanized steel pipes, in line with industry standards

  • Rainbow slide: The interior is made of wood, the middle is wrapped with heavy foam sponge, and the outermost layer is wrapped with a layer of imported super strong PVC warp and weft woven shiny leather. It has high strength, excellent safety performance, and complies with industry standards.

Why does the manufacturer of Dinis amusement rides deserve your trust?