Custom playground equipment is a specialty of our company at Dinis. The main purpose is to allow our playground to have a clear target audience. For example, what equipment should be installed in a playground for children aged 0-2 years old. And what kind of playground is there for children aged 2-5 years old, or what is a playground for children aged 6-12 years old. Actually, we should set different amusement rides for different age group rather than set one playground contains equipment for different difficulty levels. Only in this way, playgrounds can truly bring fun to children, develop their abilities in all aspects. And finally promote their healthy growth. So just collaborate with our talented and creative team of designers, you will get a custom-made unique playground

Dinis custom playground-unique design

Want to build a engaging playground in your community, or school, have no idea, don’t worry, Dinis can help you. We have been designing unique custom playground equipment for all kinds of community, kindergarten, pre-school, shopping mall, etc. Besides, we also offer innovative playground tailored solutions for children of all ages and also win a solid reputation from our clients. According to our customer feedback, the playground we designed has attracted more age-appropriate children who have returned for many times. And bring a good income for their carnival business. So just build your custom playground right now. We will give you a satisfy solutions.

Why should you choose custom playground ride?

  • Firstly, help children develop social skills by interacting with people of similar age. Similar age children have common topics. They can learn each other

  • Secondly, it can boost children confidence by providing them challenge tasks. For children of different ages, we design amusement equipment with different levels of difficulty. This can help children of different ages to better develop their corresponding abilities.

  • Finally, inspire children’s imagination and creativity. We design amusement equipment not only to bring fun to children, but more importantly to meet the needs of parents for their children’s growth in all aspects. We have professional design team, which specialize in kids ride research and develop. Therefore, each of our products is designed based on the psychological characteristics of children.

Popular Customized Playground Equipment for Kids 2-5 Years Old

Rocking horse amusement ride for sale

The size of the rocking chair is: 1.1*0.42*0.97 m

It is suitable for children from 2-5.

It is a hit in square, amusement park, shopping mall

The rocking chair is a type of small children’s play equipment, and its shape can be freely chosen. There are cartoon themes, animal themes, etc.

Rocking Horse for Children 2-5.

Popular A type double seesaw

Seesaw is a traditional amusement ride just like giraffe flying chair ride, both children and adults all like it. The double seesaw ride in Dinis has novel design. The overall of the equipment adopts fine fiberglass reinforced plastic, it has the characteristics of durable, long service life.

The length of the seesaw is 6 m.

You can freely choose the color and different material. Wooden, aluminum alloy, plastic seesaws for you to choose from. It is common in kindergarten, square, shopping mall, and backyard.