kids bungy jump trampoline for sale is a new type of amusement equipment. It organically combines the excitement of bungee jumping with the characteristics of a trampoline. And provide different trampoline experiences for different groups of people. This type of bungee trampoline amusement ride for sale is available for both children and adults. Children’s bungee trampolines are less irritating and can not only ensure children’s safety but also bring them endless happiness. However, the bungee trampoline for adults is highly stimulating. For example, the highly elastic trampoline surface can allow people to bounce to 5-8 meters.


But this type of trampoline generally does not have a protective net. Experiencers only need to fasten their seat belts. This type of harness is more similar to a rock climbing or aerial work harness. Usually it has a waistband section and two loops connecting the legs. So that participants can be fixed in a certain position during the activity and connected with elastic ropes. Its design focuses on allowing users to roll and jump freely in the air. Therefore, it is very popular in squares, pedestrian streets, amusement parks, indoor playgrounds, scenic spots and other places.

What age is suitable for children to play bungee trampoline equipment?

The suitable age for children to play on bungee trampoline equipment can vary depending on the specific equipment and facility rules. Generally speaking, kids bungy jump trampoline for sale are safe for children aged 4 and above. However, some key factors need to be considered

Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for age and weight restrictions. These recommendations are based on the design and durability of the equipment.

There is usually a minimum and maximum weight limit for safety reasons. These limits ensure the bungee cords can provide the proper tension for safe bouncing without the risk of injury.

The child should have enough physical coordination to maintain balance and control while jumping.

Kids bungee jumping trampoline for sale

Popular 4 in 1 kids bungee trampoline for sale

4 in 1 bungy trampoline for sale, you can also call it shinning bungee trampoline. Commonly, it is equipped with colorful LED lights, which also has a unique attraction at night. And it is specially designed for children. The shinning lights can not only attract the children’s attention, but also can operate at night for operators.

What’s more, it is not only movable, but also foldable. So it is very convenient for operators. Especially for bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, high winds and other inclement weather. You can store them indoors. In addition, it is also suitable for those people who want to engage in instant business. Easy to disassemble and foldable. At the same time, there are different shape for your to choose from, round, square, rectangular, etc. Usually, the 4-in-1 bungee trampoline can satisfy four children to play at the same time without affecting each other. But the jumping height of each child is variable. The motor will place the child at the appropriate height based on the weight of each child. That is the reason why we recommend children over 4 years old.

About the footprint of the bungee trampoline.

Bungee trampolines come in two common sizes just for your reference. One is 6*6*4 m, another is 8*8*6 m. The overall size is adjustable according to your venue condition. If you want to buy such trampoline for your amusement park, you can choose the larger size. However, if you just buy it for your children at your backyard, smaller size will be OK. What’s more, you can freely choose the frame size, 10ft,12ft,14ft are very common.

At the same time, there are also some points you need to pay attention to. The weight of each trampoline must not exceed 65kg, otherwise it will be dangerous. The power of the entire device is 2kw and the voltage is 220v. So you don’t have to worry about the safety of children during play.

How about the service life of kids bungy jump trampoline for sale in Dinis factory?

The average life of kids bungy jump trampoline is 5-8 years. If you use it indoors, the service life will be longer than average life. For example, shopping mall, indoor playground, etc. However, if you use it outdoors and don’t pay attention to maintenance, its service life will be greatly reduced. For example, it is often exposed to wind and rain. Generally speaking, the choice of materials and subsequent maintenance of the children’s bungee trampoline will greatly influence its service life.

For materials of the kids bungee trampoline for sale

In Dinis factory, we adopted fine material to prolong the service life. Following is the main material for our bungee trampoline.

Kiddie trampoline for sale

We use double hot-dip galvanization for trampoline tubes. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength, environmental protection and energy saving.

For jumping mat, we use pp material imported from the United States. Light and easy to carry, strong impact resistance, non-toxic and harmless, and resistant to high temperatures.

Our springs are made of galvanized steel, which not only increases the corrosion resistance of the spring. It also makes it more suitable for outdoor use and resistant to rain and moisture. For more details, contact us

Some tips for bungee trampoline maintenance

Regularly sanitize and clean trampoline surfaces and trampoline safety mats

  • Wipe with a damp towel first. If there are stains need to be cleaned, it is best to use a non-foaming towel wrung out and scrubbed, so as not to dampen the inner liner, resulting in mold and other harmful bacteria breeding in the gallbladder.

  • Disinfection: ultraviolet light can be used to disinfect.

  • trampoline site should be regularly replaced spare parts found damaged or expired parts should be replaced in a timely manner

Other requirements

  • Trampoline steel frame shall not be stacked at the bottom of sundries.

  • Often clean the garbage on the inflatable hopper bed to avoid bacterial growth

  • All parts should be stocked (e.g. elastic ribbed surface, spring).

  • Avoid carrying hard objects to play, avoid causing safety problems on the trampoline (such as pins, keys, etc.)

The price of kids bungy jump trampoline for sale

The price of a bungee trampoline will vary depending on its size and material like rabbit bouncy trampoline. Customized bungee trampolines are also more expensive than ordinary bungee trampolines. As we all know, the larger the size, the higher the price. However, as a source bungee trampoline manufacturer, we can give you some discount if you have large order. If you would like the latest pricing information, please consult us directly. Here I can only tell you the approximate price range and the factors that influence these prices. In Dinis factory, kids bungy jump trampoline for sale is $2,800.00-$4,000.00 per set. Following is the factors that influence price.

colorful LED lights bungee trampoline