For outdoor children’s park operators, choosing the right amusement equipment is crucial. On the one hand, it directly affects your passenger flow, on the other hand, it will also directly affect your income. But how do you find the right amusement equipment? You need to choose a professional outdoor children’s playground planner. Our Dinis will be your first choice. Dinis is a company integrating design, production and sales. We have planned and designed hundreds of outdoor children’s parks for different countries in the world. At the same time, suitable amusement equipment was selected for them based on various factors with a comprehensive consideration. It has received unanimous praise so far. Besides, we are also a professional manufacturer with over 20 year of production and export experience. Therefore, we are more worthy of customer trust. The following are some best-selling outdoor kids park rides for sale in Dinis factory 

Park CAD Drawings

Kids amusement park roller coaster with novel appearance

We have produced many kinds of roller coaster with different theme, Family Roller Coaster, Dragon Roller Coaster, Pharaoh Roller Coaster, Worm Roller Coaster, etc. The most popular roller coaster in outdoor kiddie park is the worm roller coaster. It is very similar to dragon roller coaster ride. And the big difference between them is the shape of the main body. One is dragon, another is a large green worm.

Wacky worm roller coaster is a kind of track-type amusement equipment. The whole shape of the caterpillar roller coaster is just like a worm eating an apple. Also, you can decorate the track with fruits, such as pineapple, etc. LED light is also available. Generally speaking, worm roller coaster is a smaller roller coaster with a smaller footprint compared to the big one. Usually, it occupies a small area with 24*12 m. Although it covers a small area, it can hold 14 or 18 passengers at one time. So the wacky worm roller coaster has a higher passenger flow for each hour.

Wacky worm roller coaster amusement rides for sale

Besides, you can freely choose the number of the cockpit of the roller coaster according to your needs. If the passenger flow is higher, you can choose the bigger one with 36 seats. On the contrary, you can choose the smaller with 14-seater. Each cabin has two seats, and parents can accompany their children to play together. In addition, caterpillar roller coaster has high safety performance. The track height is 2.5m, it is not so thrill compared with the bigger one. At the same time, the running speed is acceptable for kids, usually 8-13km/h, can be adjustable. Last but not least, its volume is small with 40HQ, so you don’t have to worry about the freight problem.

Popular carousel rides in outdoor kids park

It’s perfect to buy a carousel for your outdoor kids park rides for sale. Children are always interested in new things. May be they have experience animal-themed merry go round, Snow White themed carousel, etc. However, we launched several new styles merry go round carousel in recent days, the ocean-themed carousel amusement ride, double floor luxury carousel, etc. The ocean-themed carousel  is well received by children and adults. If you have a smaller investment budge, you can choose this kind of carousel for your outdoor kids park.


Ocean themed kiddie carousel with 24 seats

Sea themed carousel is a smaller carousel amusement ride. As the name suggests, the overall design is the ocean style. The seats are  different ocean animals, such as, dolphin seat, octopus seat, jellyfish seat, etc. The overall equipment covers a small area with 7m*5.2mH. It is sure to be a hit in your outdoor park. You can choose this kind of carousel to start your business in outdoor kids amusement park.

In addition, there are different size for you, 12/16/24/36 seats are available in Dinis factory. 24-seat merry go round carousel is the most popular one among them. On the one hand, its size is suitable for different kids amusement park. On the other hand, it is easier to disassemble and assemble. You can freely move the carousel as you need. However, if you have a high frequency of movement, you can choose the carousel with a trailer. Last but not least, ocean style carousel has high safety performance. The carousel rotates and undulates is slower compared to the bigger one. Besides, carousels have handrails and pedals to ensure the safety of children.

Hot sale Medium battery trackless train with semi-closed carriage in outdoor kids amusement park

Medium battery trackless train in Dinis factory is not only a amusement ride, but also a tourist train. Usually, it can accommodate 24 passengers with 2 or 3 cabins. Each cabin size is 2.95*1.34*2.2m and the locomotive size is 3.3*1.3*2.2m. It is battery powered with 12pcs 6V 200A, which is environmentally friendly. What’s more, in order to make the train ride more vivid, we add smoke steam spray device, real sound, etc. The highlight of the battery -powered train ride is the handicapped access. This design is very user-friendly. It can satisfy every lover of the train to ride the train ride.

Last but not least, the volume of the medium battery trackless train is smaller, and then you won’t cost too much freight. If you buy this amusement train ride for your outdoor kids park, it will bring more benefit for your business. Both adults and children can ride it when sightseeing. It also has a broad market as a classic children’s amusement equipment. In addition, we also sell other size train rides, larger and smaller is available. We can also provide a perfect customized service for your special needs. If you have any consultation question, please feel free to contact us.

Medium battery trackless train

All in all, we have hundreds of product for your choice. Additionally, we have produces un-powered product, such as Artificial dry ski slope rainbow  slide, elephant-shaped slide, celebrity swing,  parent-powered roller coaster, etc.

Dinis- a Trusted Manufacturer for over 20 Years of production and export experience in China!

If you are looking for a reliable outdoor kids park rides manufacturer, here are some tips for you. Firstly, you need to know about the production experience of the manufacturer. If the manufacturer has less production experience, you need to think twice. And then think about the team strength. Only the professional team can produce professional products, otherwise, it is not reliable. Finally, you should find out the material and price of the outdoor kids park ride for different manufacturers. We Dinis can satisfy above all conditions. Therefore, look for no more than Dinis.

Dinis is a professional manufacturer with over 20 years of production and export experience. After 20 years growth, Dinis has established itself as one of the leaders in outdoor kids park rides for sale. We have produced and exported hundreds of outdoor amusement rides. It is no exaggeration to say we could grasp every production detail for different amusement products.

we have professional production team, over 10 senior engineers, well-organized design team, and more than 200 skilled staff. They specialize in the design and development of amusement products. Every worker must undergo strict pre-job training before taking up the job. Therefore, our strong team strength can ensure our excellent product.

As a source supplier, we directly ship the outdoor amusement rides to our customers. To save the different price of the middle man, and give more profits to our customers.

Besides, all outdoor amusement rides in Dinis are made of high quality material. Such as national standard steel, stainless steel, fiberglass reinforced plastics, etc.

If you are interested in our park rides, please feel free to contact us or just send a free inquiry.