Kids amusement park with setup price. Creating a children’s park is not an easy task. It needs to involve all aspects. What most people consider is the price of creating a children’s park. Indeed, price is very important for kids park set up. However, the price is completely different for different sizes of children’s parks. Next I will explain the cost of creating a children’s park of different sizes from the perspective of a professional children’s park planner. And then you can decide what size Kids Park you can build based on your budget.

Children's park renderings

Budgeted spending range is $50,000 to $200,000 to setup kids amusement park

Generally speaking, you can build a small and medium-sized children’s park based on the above expenses

Chile Children's Theme Park

USD 50,000 kids park setup

If you have $50,000, you can build a 200-500 square meters kids park. For the selection of the ride, you can choose combination slides, swing, seesaw, spring rocker, etc. What’s more, the price of combination slides is very cheap. It may cost you $2,000.00-$4,000.00 per set. Meanwhile, you can buy all kinds of swing and seesaws. For both of them, it may cost you tens to hundreds of dollars. Besides, they also occupy less space. In addition, you can add some mechanical rides. For example, carousel ride, swing ride, etc. However, if you have need, we can design the CAD drawings according to your requirements.

Materials and Construction Costs: More basic ground preparation and infrastructure.

Area optimization: more compact design and efficient use of space.

US$100,000 (USD 100,000) kids playground

If you have $100,000, you can build a 500-1,000 square meters kids playground. For this kind of kids playground, we recommend you buy large combination slides, large carousel ride, bumper car ride, and swing ride. For large carousel, we recommend 24 seats grand carousel. It has no more than $10,000. What’s more, attractive appearance can attract more people. And you can make more profit. In addition,you can set up a bumper car area of 200 square meters and buy 5-6 bumper cars. It can help you attract more customers. What’s more, buying bumper cars in bulk is cheaper. At the same time, swing ride is indispensable for kids playground. You can buy fruit theme swing carousel. Because its design is very beautiful, the fruit theme can attract children’s attention more. Both kids and adults all like it.

Floor Treatment: More advanced floor treatments and safety features (such as rubber floor mats).

Design and landscaping: Add some landscaping and seating areas.

Budget range: US$200,000 (USD 200,000)

Approximate area: 1000-2000 square meters

This kind of park is relatively larger than others. So you can plan it carefully. Based on our design experience of more than 200 children’s parks, we recommend you buy popular amusement ride. What follows are recommendations for equipment selection.

With a budget of $200,000, here is an example of a possible equipment combination. Firstly, you can buy large combined slide, it may cost you $6,000.00-$8,000.00. In addition, in order to bring a better experience, you had better set Climbing wall and rope net structure. It is suitable for children aged 3-12 years old. In order to protect the safety of the children, we recommend you buy high quality climbing wall and rope net structure.


But the price may be higher, maybe the whole equipment will cost about $25,000. Besides, you can also buy double decker carousel or grand carousel for your amusement park. To be honest, double decker carousel is expensive than grand carousel. So you can freely choose according to your budget. Besides, we can provide amusement park design drawings for different size amusement park. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us.

Some suggestions you can consider when building your park.

Specialized themed and interactive facilities: e.g. theme park areas, water parks, interactive video game areas, etc.

Comprehensive facilities and landscaping: including premium rest areas, awnings, gardening and landscaping.

Generally speaking, the above suggestions on costs for creating a park are for your reference only. However, if you budget beyond the range, you can contact us. And then we can plan and design the kids park based on your requirements.

Why Dinis trusted by 1000 amusement parks?

Does Dinis provide free kids park customization service?

Yes, Dinis provide free customization service for you. Meanwhile, we can design and plan kids park for you. If you have any need, we can also provide an estimate for your park. Dinis is not only a kids park designer, but also amusement ride source manufacturer. We can design the size, color, theme of different amusement rides. For example, outdoor park trains rides, luxury carousel, swing rides, etc. What’s more, if you buy amusement park amusement ride from Dinis, we can give you free design service. Know more detailed information, just contact us.

How about Dinis after-sale service for kids park?

Dinis amusement ride manufacturer provide comprehensive after-sale for you. Firstly, we provide free-pre consultation service. Including but not limited to free CAD drawings, 3D demonstration renderings. Secondly, for after-sale service, we provide 12 months warranty for our kids park ride. Furthermore, lifetime technical support and maintenance tips for you. Besides, free spare parts replacement for you. If you want to know more information, please feel free to contact us by email. And we will reply as soon as possible.