How much it will cost to buy a 24 seats pirate ship ride? 24 people pirate ship ride is very popular in amusement park, theme park, square, etc. What’s more, it is very popular with kids and adults. Due to its moderate size, many carnival operators are happy to purchase this ride for their amusement business. But many of them care more about the price and want to buy a high-quality and low-cost Viking ship ride. So In this article, we will explain the price of 24 people swinging boat from professional amusement ride manufacturer. And we hope our suggestions can be useful to you.

24 people viking ship for sale

If you want to buy a cost-effective pirate boat ride, you had better buy from source manufacturer. Because the price is cheaper than others. For example, if you buy from distributors, the price will be very higher. Because the middlemen need to earn the difference. What’s more, there will be complete after-sale service for you if you buy pirate ship from source manufacturer. Therefore, you can rest assure the quality of pirate ship ride. Here we recommend Dinis amusement ride manufacturer. Meanwhile, the  quality is also very  good. Such as fine FRP material.

Price of 24 people pirate ship in Dinis

The price of 24 seats swinging boat can vary depending on many factors. For example, customization options, shipping, and installation costs, etc. Following are the basic price information about 24 people pirate ship ride.

swinging boat ride

Generally speaking, above mentioned price just for your reference. If you have want to know more information, please feel free to contact Dinis amusement ride manufacturer  by email. And we will reply as soon as possible.