Mechanical equipment has always been an essential piece of equipment in children’s parks. Such as small trains, carousels, bumper cars, different styles of flying chairs, and small Ferris wheel equipment, etc. But what would it be like to build a children’s paradise full of mechanical equipment? It sounds like a lot of fun and the kids will definitely have fun with it. But how to build such park? Find a professional or source manufacturer. Here I recommend Dinis manufacturer, a professional amusement ride manufacturer with over 20 years of production and export experience. It is specialize in park design and planning in Chinese amusement industry. It has planned over hundreds of park for different countries.

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Children’s Mechanical Park Planning Process

For the specific size of each product, we will send professional workers to your site to measure and survey. After measurement, we will tell you the size of equipment you should buy.

For a better experience, the park area is not too small. Too small mechanical park will bring a bad experience for customers, such as, there was crowded. In addition, your income will also be lower due to the small size of the park. According to our planning experience, 3,000 square meter mechanical park couldn’t be more suitable. On the one hand, it can accommodate more mechanical rides, and children will have a better experience. On the other hand, you can also make a good profit due to various rides.

You probably have the answer in mind as to how much money you want to invest in your mechanical park. Usually, the cost of a park range from a few thousands dollars to several million dollars, depending on the scale of the project. As above mentioned, if you build a 3000 square meters mechanical park, the cost is also not fixed. The main influencing factor is the choice of equipment and materials selection. Take small trains as an example, our factory has small trains whose main material is fiberglass and other materials. So if you have a clear expenditure budget, please feel free to contact us. And we will give you some detail information.

We will recommend some ride according to your budget. If you have sufficient budget, we will recommend you some very popular but expensive mechanical equipment. Common ones include double-decker carousels, children’s Ferris wheels and track trains, etc. However, if you have a tight budget, that will be ok.  We recommend that you buy some cheap but classic and durable amusement equipment, such as fruit flying chairs, bumper cars

Can we provide an estimate of your mechanical park costs?

Yes, we can provide a specific estimate as long as we know the specific information about your park. But that is not accurate, this fee just include all the mechanical ride cost no other factors involved. For example, the cost of labor and necessary permits etc. Besides, we can also provide you with park RIO analysis data based on your park’s local conditions. For more information, please feel free to contact us or just send a free inquiry.