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Aquatic development amusement ride

The size of each equipment is 20* 1 m.

You could freely choose the type of water development, also we can give you some reference.

Normally, the distance between each lane is more than 2 m.


Aquatic expansion project is built on top of the waters of the expansion training program. Or we can also understand it this way, aquatic development amusement rides for Sale is to move the un-powered expansion project to the water for experience. Common equipment includes Netflix Bridge, fifth ring bridge, water pontoon bridge, foot ring bridge, suspension bridge, couple bridge, etc. Each item can play a physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, exercise mental and perseverance effect. Whether it is in scenic spots or some other places, aquatic development projects are more popular in summer. Of course, they can also be used in other seasons. You only need to replace the pool with inflatable cushions, blankets, and ball pools.



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