Want to open a kids indoor playground in a shopping mall, but don’t know how to start. No reputable supplier found. Don’t know what kind of equipment to buy. Don’t worry, we will give you specific solutions in this article. You just need to tell us your venue size, expenditure budget, and your requirements. Because all of these can influence the final program.

Mall with indoor playground Typical Case Sharing

Case 1:

Place: Youyoutang Children’s Park-3rd floor, Meijing Vanke Plaza, Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China

Area: 700 square meters

Theme:Technology and space theme indoor soft play area

  • The entire children’s paradise is mainly based on science and technology theme. It contains different experience areas, and each area is clearly divided. Such as, there are slide area, expansion area, trampoline area, ocean ball pool area, as well as children’s leisure area and parents’ rest area.

  • Compared with these areas, there is a more advanced area which is the professional experience area. Usually, the area is quite large, with a hospital, supermarket, coffee shop, princess beauty salon and so on. Little girls can simulate make-up, learn to cook, play house and more! Of course, if you want to add the area in your playground, the price will be higher due to its carefully design. The above is the most real case sharing of our company. If you have any needs, please tell us your venue area and budget. No matter how many square meters, we can plan and design.

  • However, if the rent in your shopping mall is too expensive, You don’t have to open a store that is too big.  Because it may cause a waste of resources. Stores that are too large will need to set aside fire escapes. Based on our customer feedback, when opening indoor playground in a shopping mall, two to three hundred square meters is the most suitable. On the one hand, it is easy to manage, and on the other hand, the entire indoor park will not be too crowded.

Case 2

Place: Brave Cow kids indoor playground-Third floor, Hualian Pharmacy Store, Benxi, Liaoning, China

Area: 830 square meters

Theme: Space theme indoor playground

  • The mall has a relatively large foot traffic. The first floor is a food street, the second floor is shops, and the third floor is a supermarket and entertainment center. The playground is located on the third floor, which brings great convenience to parents who bring their children to shop. Parents can put their children in the soft play area and shop with confidence.

  • The entire kids playground adopts the popular candy theme. Including slides, ocean ball pools, trampolines, swings, crawling nets and other equipment. Besides, there are some small mechanical equipment in the playground. Such as, electric turntable that can ride 6 children at the same time, and it rotates like a merry-go-round

  • There are also some rockers and princess cars suitable for younger children to play. The rockers come in a variety of shapes, and are also divided into single and double cars. Children can choose according to their preferences. Princess cars also come in different shapes, including convertibles and hoods, you can choose according to your needs.

  • The most important thing is that it can bring more meaning to education. For example, parents can identify the colors of candies with their children to improve their color perception. Ocean Pool balls can accumulate numbers. The big slide in the ocean ball pool allows you to slide down with your children and relive the fun of childhood. If you want to increase the difficulty, you can also try the spiral slide and experience the joy of sliding down from high places.

How to ensure your children’s safety while playing in playground mall?

We adopt many ways to protect the safety of the children. The floor mat is made of high-density EVA foam sponge, which is odor-free and environmentally friendly. No matter how the child falls, he will not be injured.  Next is the specific materials to protect children’s safety

To sum up, you can completely trust our products. If you have any needs, you are welcome to visit our factory.

Playground in the mall

Installation and maintenance of the mall playground

When our soft play equipment is shipped to your country, we will provide it with a professional installation manual and installation video. If you have any  need, we can also send professional technicians to on-site installation guidance

Secondly, during the maintenance and upkeep process, the playground in the mall amusement equipment needs to be cleaned and lubricated.  Besides, check parts regularly. Regular maintenance and upkeep can extend the life of play equipment.

Indoor venue, not exposed to rain. The dimensions of the site must be accurate, including length, width and height, location of pillars, and location of fire hydrants. Before installation, the site needs to be cleaned and the site must be clean and free of debris. When installation, we can provide professional installation videos or manuals, and can also send professional personnel to your country for installation if you need it.

How can you get suitable indoor soft play playground?

As a source manufacturer, our Dinis can satisfy all your needs. You can give us the indoor playground plan you want. Also we can design the overall plan according to your requirements. Programs with tight budgets and programs with loose budgets are available. At the same time, you can freely choose the style of the soft play and the number of indoor soft play equipment. The richer the project, the stronger the children’s experience will be, and the more repeat customers you will have. Here I recommend that the 100-square-meter indoor playground is most suitable for 20 people to play at the same time. 20 children will be relatively empty and the customer experience will be better.

Last but not least, find a professional indoor soft play manufacturer. They can help you with all your concerns. Such as, Dinis manufacturer. A leader in Chinese amusement industry. And it specializes in the design and develop of the indoor soft play. A professional design team can better design the products you want. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us by email.

Why should you choose Dinis Amusement ride manufacturer?


Dinis specializes in amusement ride over 20 years. So it has rich experience. There is no exaggeration to say we can grasp each detail for different amusement ride.  Besides, we also have designed thousands of playground for different countries. Professional designers and  professional services.

We provide you free pre-sale consultation service and one year warranty. If you find any quality problem during warranty period, we can freely to solve. Including to replace parts freely and other any problem. Of course, we can provide lifetime technical support.

As a source manufacturer, we can give the factory price for the product in the mall. And give you more profit. At the same time, we can ensure the high quality of the product. Selling amusement rides all over the world is our goal, so a good reputation is very important to us.

Space theme kids indoor playground