Empty rail block ride for sale is also called Rollercoaster zip line, jungle shuttle, jungle leap, zip line roller coaster. It is different from parent-powered  roller coaster.  Usually, roller coaster zip-line is a gravity ride equipment. It uses a harness to attach a wheeled trolley to ensure the user is free to fly in the air. Empty rail block is enjoyed by thrill-seekers and people who crave a memorable experience. It is a characteristic amusement project with both entertainment nature and low-carbon energy saving and environmental protection. We can say that Zip line Roller Coaster is a whole new experience.


Roller coaster zipline

At the same time, it is a rapidly developed amusement project in the near future. It slides freely from the starting platform to the end under its own weight. During the sliding process, tourists will sway with the inertia of the rail car, as if they had been on a car. It is both thrilling and exciting and is very popular among tourists.

How does the Rollglider Zip Line for sale work?

Its principle adopts the self-weight power traction scheme, the steel profile arranged at the corresponding inclination angle is used as the track, and the tourists’ own weight is used as the power, and the amusement facility that slides on the zip-line with the help of the height difference of the track device. The zip line roller coaster  for sale does not rely on external forces. And the following is the  specific working principle of the Rollglider Zip Line

Riders are securely harnessed and attached to a trolley system that runs along a track or cable

The trolley is designed with wheels and a braking system, allowing riders to control their speed and direction as they move along the zip line

Riders start from a launch platform at an elevated point, similar to a traditional zip line

Once launched, riders rely on gravity and momentum to propel them along the cable or track, providing a thrilling sensation of speed and freedom.

Unlike a traditional zip line, the Rollglider features curves, spirals, and drops, allowing riders to experience a more dynamic and interactive ride

The trolley is equipped with a braking system that allows riders to safely slow down and come to a controlled stop at the end of the ride.

aerial ropeslide

Overall, the Rollglider Zip Line provides an exciting and unique experience by combining elements of zip lining and roller coasters, offering riders the ability to control their speed and direction while navigating twists and turns along the course

What kind of people are the Panoramic Rollglider for ?

The empty rail block ride for sale is suitable for a wide range of people, from children as young as five to healthy people in their seventies. Players can choose according to their situation. Some areas also have routes designed specifically for children, which offer them an opportunity to improve their willpower, execution, and judgment while exercising. But we should pay attention to the following two points. The height of the player should be between 1.2m-1.9m, and the weight should be between 20kg-90kg. Otherwise, a safety accident will occur. Everyone should obey the rules of zip-line roller coaster concerning our safety.

Which places are suitable for investing in the construction of the aerial ropeslide for sale?

Zip line roller coaster has no specific requirements for the site and is suitable for a variety of places: forests, tourist attractions, woods, farms, parks, campuses, city streets, squares, and indoor squares. In general, two choices for you: indoors or outdoors. If you want to make your own business indoors, you can invest the program in shopping mall, indoor squares, etc. If you want to make your own business outdoors and also you have a big budget, you can invest zip-line roller coaster in tourist attractions,  amusement park, woods,etc.

Zipline roller coaster for kids

Of course, if you just want to relax yourself, enjoy the weekend with your family, feel the beauty of nature, and build yourself a empty rail block, then you can build it in your own backyard. Panoramic Glider is available for your reference. It is a slow aerial journey that allows one to experience natural and historical wonders in a new way. Want to know more information, please feel free to contact us.

Designed for sightseeing, the ride does not cause any damage to the surrounding natural or historical heritage. Last but not least, what I want to emphasize is that the empty rail block is easy to load and unload, and the operation is simple.

If you think that the location of zip coaster you installed is not suitable, we will provide professional and CAD instruction, manual book, and video for your reference. Or we can dispatch the professional staff to guide you on site. It is very convenient and simple to assemble and dissemble. You can install the zip-line roller coaster anywhere that you want to.

Why it is recommended that you invest in the amusement project of empty rail roller coaster?

  • 1

    Low investment and high return. Lightweight, easy, simple installation

  • 2

    Strong recreational participation: flexible design options, equipment can be operated separately, can also be designed as a composite project; more popular, the sense of visitor experience and reputation is better, into the scenic area near the empty rail slider, you can hear more laughter and screams, suitable for a wide range of people!

  • 3

    Easy to operate, safe and reliable, good prospects for the development of the air track sliding car amusement equipment

  • No terrain limitation, suitable for a variety of places: forests, tourist attractions, woods, farms, parks, campuses, city streets, squares, and indoor squares.

  • Low maintenance cost. Large visitor carrying capacity

  • Low carbon and environmental protection, thrilling and interesting fun.The main use of self-gravity traction technology, with a certain angle of arrangement of steel profiles for the track, and the visitor’s own weight as the main driving force, with the help of the height difference between the track device, in the zip line for fast sliding, low carbon and environmentally friendly, but also thrilling and interesting. 360-degree flying experience, like a roller coaster, but not a roller coaster, like a zip line but more thrilling and interesting than a zip line!

Compared with other amusement equipment, such as tube rail slide amusement ride, the air rail pulley has the characteristics of low investment cost, small floor area, short construction period, convenient operation, easy management, and short investment payback period.

The roller coaster is environmentally friendly, with minimal damage to vegetation, minimal pollution.

Exciting zipline roller coaster

How to get a suitable zip-line roller coaster?

If you want to get a suitable aerial rope slide, we can offer a customized service according to your requirements. Including but not limited to the  size, color, shape, etc, and design according to your location size and budget. Normally, the site area ranges from 20-1000 square meters, which is a reference for you. And you can choose according to your actual  requirements. For color, it will be available if the material galvanized steel and color coated. However,stainless steel only has one color. And for the shape of zip-line roller coaster, there are some shapes such as s-shape and ellipse for your reference. At the same time, customized service is available for the length of the track . There are 100-200 meters of track length for your reference. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

What is the price of zipline roller coaster?

How much does zip line roller coaster cost? There was no specific price for roller coaster zip line ride.  Generally speaking, the Panoramic Rollglider  project is mainly based on the actual terrain of different scenic spots. In addition, customization, production and installation  also influence the final price.  Therefore, the answer to the question of how much the Zipline trolley costs is not fixed.  Here I can only give you the price range, mainly about $1,450,00-$ 17,000.00 per set. The price range is just for your reference. In addition, certain discounts will give you if your site area is large enough. If you want to know more about the accurate price, please feel free to contact us by email. You can tell us your specific requirements, and then we can make an estimate for you.

How can you find a reliable zip line roller coaster manufacturer?

Finding a professional zipline roller coaster manufacturer is not an easy thing. You need to consider everything comprehensively. For example, you can search online to find the source manufacturer and judge whether the manufacturer is reliable through reviews. Of course, if you have the opportunity, it is best to visit their factory. Meanwhile,  you can feel the strength of their factory. Here I recommend you a professional forest zip line roller coaster manufacturer, Dinis. It is a reputable Chinese amusement ride manufacturer with over 20 years production and export experience. What’s more, free customization service for you and complete after-sale service. One year warranty and free parts replacement. The most important thing is you can  enjoy the factory price.  If you have any interest, welcome to visit our factory.

Some things to notice when you ride a zipline roller coaster

When riding a zipline roller coaster, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience

Make sure to wear the provided safety gear, such as a harness and helmet, and ensure that it is properly fitted and secured before riding the zipline roller coaster

Be aware of any weight restrictions for the zipline roller coaster, and follow them carefully to avoid any safety hazards.

Listen to and follow the instructions given by the staff or operators regarding how to properly ride and behave on the zipline roller coaster

If you have any medical conditions, such as heart problems or back issues, or if you are pregnant, it is important to consult with a medical professional before riding the zipline roller coaster to ensure it is safe for you

Before riding, make sure to secure any loose items, such as hats, glasses, or jewelry, to prevent them from falling during the ride.

Once on the zipline roller coaster, remain seated and follow all safety guidelines provided, such as keeping arms and legs inside the ride at all times.

Finally, relax and enjoy the thrilling experience of the zipline roller coaster, while also being mindful of your safety and the safety of others.

zipline roller coaster for sale