Large Diesel trackless train for sale is a kind of trackless train ride. Typically, it has the characteristics of having a long range and a strong power. In Dinis factory, all diesel trackless train rides adopt high quality FRP material with a long service life. Due to its powered by diesel engine, it is a good means of transportation for large amusement park, funfair, etc. If you want to buy diesel trackless train for your carnival business, please feel free to contact Dinis Amusement ride manufacturer.

Why should you choose Dinis amusement ride manufacturer over our competitors?

Hot-sale 58 seats trackless diesel train in Dinis factory

Trackless diesel train is very similar to large electric trackless train rides in our factory. The only difference between them is the drive mode. Usually, the Diesel powered trackless train has strong power. And you can use it in the high slope, mountain, etc. Especially for scenic spots with mountains. Typically, it contains one locomotive and two passenger cabins. Each passenger cabin has 4 rows seats, and each seat has 7 seater.  The total capacity for each cabin is 28 people. In terms of locomotive, it can hold 2 people. Of course, this is our standard configuration, and you can customize all of them to fit what you need to know.

For example, the appearance of the cabins, there are semi-closed cabins, closed, and open cabins, etc. What’s more, the total size of the trackless train is large. If you want to buy such diesel train, you should consider your site area comprehensively. For the locomotive size, it is 4150*2200*2400mm. However, the cabin size is 5600*1900*2500 mm. It is slightly adjustable.  If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us by email.

Other configuration information

The entire trackless train is equipped with LED lights. It is more attractive at nights. What’s more, you can run your own carnival business at nights. And increase your profit. In addition, in order to make the train more realistic, there are turning lights, brake lights and warning lights. On the one hand, it can ensure the safety. On the other hand, it can make the entire train more gorgeous. At the same time, there are sound systems, instruments and monitoring systems.

For the sound systems, you can put SD cards in it. The language is adjustable. You can set it to the language of your own country. In terms of monitoring systems, The entire vehicle is equipped with all-round monitoring. Monitoring records can be saved for up to 168 hours. So it is very convenient for driver to observe surrounding traffic foot. What’s more, it can record the situation in the car in real time.

Diesel trackless train in square

Technical parameter for the diesel trackless train

  • Engine: Cummins 130 horses96kw
  • Rated power: 96kw/3600rp
  • Maximum braking distance: 4 m
  • Fuel capacity: 70 L
  • Empty vehicle mass: 5200kg (excluding passengers)
Diesel sightseeing train rides

 How much it will cost to buy large diesel trackless train?

For the large diesel trackless train, there are not specific price due to different needs. There are main factors that influence the price, eg, size, customized service, the selection of the material, etc. In addition, the decorations are also influence the price. For the simple decoration, the price will be lower. But if you want to make the train more attractive, gorgeous, the price will be higher. Another point that i want to emphasize is that you should clearly know what you want. The cost is not only the price of the train rides, it also contains the later maintenance cost.

Maybe the price is lower at present, but the later maintenance is higher. What’s more, it also takes more time and energy. So why not buy a high price and there was no maintenance train carnival rides. Right ? If you want to know the specific price, please feel free to tell us your requirements, and then we can estimate  the price according to your needs.

How about the material of the diesel trackless train for sale?

For the material of the train, we all adopt fine material. For the locomotive, we use fine quality FRP material. And it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long life, smooth surface, easy maintenance and care, light weight, easy installation. Component sheet metal stamping. For the painting, we use car-specific paint and professional baking process. Not easy to peel paint and durable. If you want to know more detailed information about large diesel trackless train, please feel free to contact us.