Snow dry rainbow slide ride  for sale is also known as rainbow dry snow slide or dry snow slide amusement ride. It is one of new design non-powered amusement rides like jumping cloud amusement ride and is composed of seven colors. What’s more, it can run through the scenic spot like a rainbow, which is shockingly beautiful. The colorful slide carnival ride have a very high appearance. Therefore, it is very suitable for people who travel to check in and take pictures. Besides, the rainbow slide ride has very low requirements for the site, only needs a slightly sloped site.

Scenic spots snow dry rainbow slide

At the same time,Snow Dry Rainbow Slide ride for Sale has no requirements for regions, temperatures, and seasons. Whether it is in suburban parks, open spaces, barren slopes, tourist towns, etc, rainbow slides  rides can also be built.  Besides, a variety of ways to play can attract tourists very well. Whether it’s a family trip or a company’s team building, it’s a good choice. What’s more, rainbow skiing is in line with the concept of environmental protection in the new era. It also provides everyone a opportunity to experience the fun of skiing in spring, summer and autumn and winter. So it is very popular among amusement parks, outdoor kids park, etc and liked by children, adults, family, etc.

What is the material used in our snow dry rainbow slide ride for sale? And why did we choose this material?

Polyethylene (PE) plastic material is the main material of snow dry rainbow slide amusement ride for sale. It is a very common plastic material with low density and chemical resistance. And the weight is very light (380g/pcs), easy to install.

The following is the 4 reasons why we have chosen to use this material.

The polyethylene material can withstand low temperature and high temperature weather (30 degrees below zero to 50 degrees above zero). Therefore, you can install and use it whether your country is in a cold area or a hot area.

Polyethylene plastic material is the main material of the rainbow slide.It can ensure that the surface of the slideway is not easy to deform. And it also has the characteristics of  strong anti-aging, anti-oxidation,and anti-ultraviolet capabilities.

The service life of PE material is longer than other materials. The slideway made of PE material can be used for about 5 years, while the slideway made of other materials can be used for about 3 years. Because manufacturers will add unique antioxidants, cold-resistant agents and other additives in the process of producing PE materials to increase their service life. So the price of PE raw materials will be higher than other materials, such as PC material, pp material, etc.

PE material is safe and environmentally friendly, fire-proof and flame-retardant. The product is made of new high-molecular polyethylene, which is environmentally friendly and will not spontaneously ignite after repeated sliding.

Is the Rainbow Slide carnival ride safe? Do visitors get thrown out when they slide?

Yes, our snow dry rainbow slide ride for sale is very safe. And you don’t have to worry about the problem of being thrown out in the process of sliding because we have safety guarantee. Following is the specific safe guarantee.

Safety cushion with belts

Besides, there are pulleys and small particles on the surface of the board. The pulleys greatly reduce friction, which is conducive to increasing the sliding speed; small particles can reduce friction, allowing the gasket to decelerate naturally and smoothly, avoiding emergency stop.

At the same time, the surface of the board is smooth, without obvious sharp edges and corners, which is safe to use and does not hurt people.

5 reasons to invest snow dry rainbow slide

The construction of the rainbow slide does not rely on natural resources such as mountains, water, environment and so on. It breaks the space limitations and solves many business problems in scenic areas. Such as,only one season of the year can operate. However, snow dry rainbow slide can run throughout the year. Both enrich the scenic area entertainment program, but also extend the operating time. At the same time, the site is diverse and controllable. It is a hit in scenic spots, resorts, parks, vacation villas, ecological parks and so on.

Due to its own internet celebrity attributes, it has a good public foundation. Stronger reception capacity during holidays, which can greatly increase market share. Usually, it can pay for itself during a National Day holiday.

When completing the Rainbow Slide project, there is almost no maintenance cost for the first five years. All you need to do is maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the slide, and do a good job in lubricating the slide, which is not only worry free and labor-saving, but also saves maintenance funds.

When in operation, each slide only requires one staff member to place the hoops at the top and one staff member to collect the hoops at the bottom. It is very convenient and without the need for professional technical requirements. Truly making investors worry and effort free.

The snow dry rainbow slide is easy to install and dismantle. What’s more,  the plate material is environmentally friendly, cleverly designed for easy storage and recycling.

How much it will cost if you invest dry ski rainbow slide ride?

The price mainly depends on the length of the slide and your customized requirements. If the length of the rainbow dry slides amusement ride is longer, the price will be higher, of course, there will be a corresponding discount for you. Usually, the price per square meter is $ 20-25 per square meter just for your reference. Besides, your customized demands will greatly influence the whole price. However, if you have bulk order, we will give you discount based on the factory price. If you want to know the latest price, please feel free to contact us by email or WhatsApp.  Usually,  the price varies depending on customized demand. For example, 158 meters long and 5 meters wide. And it  is probably less than $10,000. For specific price information, you can tell us your specific requirements, and then we can give you a quotation. In addition, If you want to buy a longer rainbow slide but your budget is tight, we also accept credit card payments.  Just contact us to gain the latest price information.

The first two popular snow dry rainbow slide ride for Sale in our factory and specific size

Why Dinis snow dry rainbow slide ride manufacturer deserves your trust?

  • Rich production experience

    More than 20 years of production and export experience. After 20 years of development, Dinis has established itself as a leader in the Chinese amusement ride industry. We specialize in the production of mechanical rides and non-powered rides. At present, we have produced thousands of amusement attractions and exported them all over the world.

  • Perfect production system

    Dinis amusement ride has multiple production workshops, assembly and processing workshop, professional painting room, and exhibition rooms. We welcome people from all walks of life to visit our factory

  • Complete after-sale service

    Rainbow Slide comes with a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support. Besides, we also provide free installation and instruction video and manuals. 7*24h online to solve all kinds of problems for you.

  • Quality controllable

    All products in our factory has passed the national safety standard. At present, we have obtained CE, ISO,SASO certificate. So you can rest assured the quality of our product

Design, installation process of amusement park  rainbow slide

After our company receives the order, the company will arrange the personnel to go to the customer’s site for site measurement. Generally speaking, the rainbow slide require a natural slope of 3 to 30 degrees of the site. If there is a slope, we can use it and slightly amended; and if the customer site slope is not suitable or there is no natural slope, then the slope can be built with steel frames, scaffolding. The length of the rainbow slide is usually about 100 M to 300 M.

Calculate the length of the slope and design the slope type according to the measurement results of the personnel. At the same time, we will  provide the layout plan and ramp construction drawings for the customer’s evaluation. If the customer not like our design, our company can make reasonable adjustments according to the customer’s requirements as much as possible, and make further improvements , so as to decide the ramp plan design program.

The buffer zone design needs to focus on the impact of rain and snow weather. The rain and snow will greatly influence the slide construction, and the design of the buffer zone needs to consider being able to complete the deceleration task under various weather conditions. Generally, there are 20 m buffer zone.

Organize the rainbow slide site according to the ramp construction drawings to meet the design requirements. Remove debris from the site for later construction.

Snow dry rainbow slide venue are finalization generally include two kinds:

  1. Steel frame construction site finalization: flat ground construction, simple construction with steel structure, save time and labor, shorten the construction period. Simple to build, protect the ground vegetation, do not destroy the ecological
  1. Concrete site finalization:the ground of the rainbow slide needs to do 10 CM ground hardening, in the case of part of the site does not allow hardening, you can lay wooden boards and other equipment instead of hardening. Make sure the surface of the ramp is flat,so as to facilitate the construction of the rainbow slide. Usually, concrete construction is simple and inexpensive.

In our company,  personnel on-site guidance to officially enter the installation of the snow dry rainbow slide.  After completing the basic paving work, we need to carry out a test slip check, so that the skidding can reach the predetermined position range.

After the success of the test slide, the use of expansion wire for fixing, which means the completion of the installation!

What age is best for dry ski rainbow slide?

Snow dry rainbow slide is not only suitable for children, but also for adults. But children under 3 years old need to be accompanied by adults to ensure their safety. In addition, elderly people over 70 years old also need to be accompanied by family members.  Therefore,  it also has a very broad audience. If you have amusement park, scenic spots, farm, and any other entertainment venues, it is an indispensable amusement ride.  Meanwhile, it can not only bring more joy for visitors, but also make more profit for your carnival business.


There are some frequently asked questions about rainbow slides

A rainbow slide is a type of playground slide that features a colorful, curved design resembling a rainbow. It is typically made of plastic or fiberglass and can be found in outdoor playgrounds or indoor play areas.

When properly designed and maintained, rainbow slides can be safe for children to use. It’s important to ensure that the slide meets safety standards, is installed correctly, and is regularly inspected for any potential hazards.

Rainbow slides provide children with a fun and engaging play experience. They can help improve balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. The bright and colorful design also adds to the aesthetic appeal of playgrounds.

Rainbow slides are generally designed for children between the ages of 2 and 12, depending on the specific design and height. It’s important to consider the recommended age range and any safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Regular maintenance of rainbow slides is essential to ensure their safety and longevity. This may include inspecting the slide for damage, cleaning the surface, checking for loose components, and ensuring that the slide is free of any hazards.

Some manufacturers may offer customization options for rainbow slides, such as different color combinations or additional features. Customization options can allow playgrounds to create a unique play environment that fits their specific needs and preferences.