• How to choose suitable air jumping cloud for your carnival business? Perhaps many of us don’t know what air jumping cloud is. It is a very popular ride in Chinese amusement ride industry. Especially in kids park, square, theme park, etc. Generally speaking, it is a new type of un-powered device and very similar to common trampoline,  such as rabbit bouncy trampoline, but different from trampoline. Meanwhile, it is an inflatable trampoline equipment and can be permanently fixed on the ground. Besides, it is very easy to disassemble and with self-cleaning function.

  • Due to its attractive appearance and cheap price, it has become indispensable ride in amusement park, parent-child paradise, etc. So many investors want to buy such amusement ride for their carnival business or instant business. But how to choose the right jumping cloud ride has become a headache for many investors. Don’ t worry, Dinis amusement ride manufacturer will help you.

  • Air jumping cloud includes different specifications. The common bouncing cloud amusement ride on the market includes single ball, double ball, three ball, four ball and five ball. Covering an area of 100-1000 square meters. And most of them are  made of PVDF or PVC material.

Below are the different sizes of Bouncing Clouds available for the occasion