As a classical amusement equipment, dodgem cars are very popular in amusement park, square, theme park, etc. But how to make your bumper car attraction more profitable? Perhaps this is a very important question for carnival business owners. Here are some suggestions just for your reference.

Adults bumper car amusement ride

Buy high quality but affordable bumping cars

High quality bumper car can ensure the long service life. From the long run, it can help you make more profit. Because there was no maintenance cost in the later. At the same time, it can not only save your money, but also save your energy and time.  However, you may be think that it is very expensive, right? Don’t worry, only you find a reliable bumper car manufacturer. All of these can achieve. And Dinis source supplier & manufacturer can sell you such bumper car for you. One the one hand, we are save the difference price from middleman. On the other hand, we are reputable manufacturer in Chinese amusement ride industry. So our price is reasonable. What’s more, our bumper car is made of high quality FRP material and also equipped with colorful LED lights.

Electric bumper car in amusement park

Selection of bumper car venues

kids bumper car ride for sale

Suitable site is very important for bumper car operation business. For the site choice, you had better choose one site that with convenient transportation. In this way, it will not only make it easier for tourists to arrive, but also enhance their experience. On the other hand, you should choose one place that has large customer flow. So that it can ensure the foot traffic. For example, theme park, resort, amusement park, etc.

Determine the target audience

You should clearly know your targeted audience. Adults-oriented, children-oriented, or parent-child oriented. If you want to have more customer, you can choose parent-child bumper car ride. Usually, it’s a family trip that can bring you more tourists. However, you’d better buy a bumper car with a cartoon theme or one that’s attractive to kids, so that it can help you attract more kids and another return. Dinis can supply different cartoon themed bumper cars for you to choose from. If you want to know more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

Kids bumper car

Marketing and Promotion for your bumper car business

Utilize social media platforms and local advertising to promote your bumper car attraction.

Offer discounts or package deals for families, groups, or parties to encourage repeat business and larger groups.

Partner with local businesses or schools for promotional events

Battery operated bumper car ride

Choose the best operating time for bumper car carnival ride

For bumper car owners, the right time of day is critical. Usually, after school is the best time for children to run. But many parents would like to choose the bumper car ride near them. So you can open your bumper cars in your community. In addition, weekends, vacations, holidays are the best time to run your bumper car business. If you can grasp the best time, it can help you to return quickly.

Offer Exclusive Experiences

Provide VIP packages or private rental options for exclusive access to the bumper car attraction.

Pay attention to customer feedback

Collect customer feedback to understand what guests like or dislike and make improvements based on the data.

Encourage positive reviews on online platforms to attract new customers.

Generally speaking, above suggestions just for your reference. If you want to know more information, please feel free to contact us via email.