Soft play indoor playground equipment for sale become more and more popular.  Because they are more safe than mechanical rides, such as, bumper car ride, kids Ferris wheel, etc. What’s more, this kind of carnival business is not limited to weather. No matter it’s windy or rainy, children can come and play. So if you are considering to build soft play playground for your supermarket, shopping mall, that would be a wise decision. And our Dinis company will be your professional and reliable manufacturer. We are very professional in the design and production of indoor soft play. Besides, we offer large and small size soft play indoor playground equipment for sale, and customization is also available. Next are the common types of indoor soft playground.

Category of Soft play indoor playground 

In Dinis factory, there are many different models of indoor soft play playground. Such as, preschool indoor playground, commercial indoor playground equipment, and indoor playground for home. Commercial indoor playground, usually takes large area. To make more profit, 100 square meters is most suitable. But playground for home just need 30-50 square meter if your home space is relatively narrow. In addition to the above types, you can also choose to customize it yourself. According to our experience, 50 to more than 1000 square meters are available mainly depend on your need. However, no matter where you want to build a soft play park, you need to first determine the site area and budget. Only in this way can the manufacturer provide detailed planning drawings. And you know exactly how you want your soft play equipment to look.

Different specification soft play indoor playground for you to choose from

So far, we have designed hundreds of indoor playground solutions. Following are the common model and size. 

Popular soft play equipment of Soft play indoor playground equipment for sale

In Dinis factory, there are many types of soft play playground, each of them has different layout and amusement program. But no matter what style of indoor playground, there are some popular and indispensable items. They are trampoline area, climbing area,  slide and ocean ball pool area.

Benefits of soft play indoor playground equipment 

Cases from different countries

The cost of indoor playground equipment for sale

The cost of indoor playground equipment can vary mainly depending on several factors. The size of the indoor playground, the number and style of the equipment, and your specific needs, all of these will impact the final cost. If you want to know the latest price, please feel free to contact us by email or whatsApp.

What sets Dinis soft play manufacturer apart?

As a professional indoor playground manufacturer, we can provide different design plan for you. Of course, we can also design cad drawings according to your requirements and expenditure budget. You can also freely choose the material.

our indoor playground not only safe, but also can spark children’s imagination and creativity. Make children to experience study fun during play time. Applying the concept of fun and learning to product design.

Strong team strength can ensure the quality of product. At the same time, it can also offer more complete service. At present, we own professional installation team, design team, and after-sales technical support team. All of this ensures that your indoor playground project runs smoothly and efficiently.

After 20 years development, Dinis has established itself as a leader in Chinese amusement ride industry. At present, we have sold our soft play equipment over 50 countries, such as, Tanzania, Turkey, Belgium, Dubai, Philippines, Peru, Bangladesh, etc. What’s more, we also win good feedback from our clients. So you can completely trust our strength. Besides, if you have any interest, please feel free to contact us or just send a free inquiry. We also welcome you to visit our factory in China!