Indoor playground for home in Cambodia is our a vital soft play project. Meanwhile,  it is very common in mall, shopping center, etc. However, since the outbreak of COVID-19, many indoor playgrounds have been closed. So many parents would like to build an indoor playground at home for their children. Because, it is very convenient for children to play at any time. Therefore,  we have received more than hundreds of orders from overseas since 20220. And then I choose a case to analyze the point that the customer mainly focused on.

Soft play for home

Case overview

This request is from our official Alibaba website in early December. Our customer from Cambodia named Edison Kim. In addition, he tells us his demand in the inquiry. And then he wants to customize the indoor playground for home for his daughter and his nieces and nephews. And their age is between 1-3 years old. So he demands that the soft play area should be more colorful and vivid. And then he wants to have several indoor playground designs. Besides, he told us that there is 150 square meters of open space in their house. And we can design the indoor playground based on his site area. Meanwhile, during our conversation, he emphasized the quality and safety issues of indoor playground for home. The following is the specific information about our indoor playground for home.


Indoor playground for kids

Indoor playground for kids

  • Plastic pipes and slides: They are formed by rotational molding using LLDPE special rotational molding material. The plastic wall thickness is more than 6mm. And the color is bright, the ultraviolet (UV) resistance reaches level 8, the antistatic ability is strong. At the same time, safe and environmentally friendly, and has good weather resistance, high strength.


  • Platform: The internal of the platform is a multi-layer board with a thickness of 1.8CM. At the same time, the middle is wrapped with heavy foam sponge, and the outermost layer is wrapped with a layer of super strong PVC transverse warp and weft woven leather.  So it has high strength and excellent safety performance;


  • Rainbow ladder: The interior of rainbow ladder is made of wood, the middle is wrapped with heavy foam sponge, and the outermost layer is wrapped with a layer of super strong PVC warp and weft woven leather. It has high strength and excellent safety performance. The inclination angle is less than 30 degrees during installation, which complies with national standards.
  • Floor mat: high-density EVA foam sponge, specification: 100×100×2cm, safe.


Indoor playground for home

Indoor playground for home

There is no specific price for the indoor playground. It mainly depends on the size of your venue. However, the larger the venue, the cheaper per square meter. In addition, the quality of the material can also affect the final price. However, good quality material can be used for many years. In addition, there won’t be any maintenance costs in the later period. On the contrary, cheap material will have a short service life. Here I recommend you to buy high quality indoor playground equipment. It can not only save your money, but also save your energy and time. Or you can tell us your budget expenditure, and then we can help you choose suitable material of indoor playground equipment. If you want to know more detailed information, please feel free to contact us by email.