Build a 6000 ㎡ park is not a easy thing if you have not enough experience or careful planning. It may take 6-8 months from early park planning to later completion of the entire park project. But the most important thing is the early planning of the park. Because this is directly related to whether your park can operate in the long term and whether it can continue to make profits. So in order to make your amusement park can achieve a good profit later. You had better find a professional amusement ride manufacturer& supplier that also can provide amusement park design plan and planning. It is best to have their own factory so that it can provide you with one-stop service.

But how to find such manufacturer?

There are many ways to find a reliable manufacturer, you can visit industry association like IAAPA, attend Trade Shows and Conferences,etc. Here I recommend a Chinese amusement ride manufacturer, Dinis amusement ride manufacturer. It focuses on the research, design and development of children’s parks and the production of park equipment. It has designed over 100 kids park. If you have any interest, welcome to our official website.

Strong team strength.

How does we plan to build a 6000 ㎡ amusement park for you?

The selection of amusement rides for the 6000 ㎡ amusement park

To make your  6000 ㎡ amusement park more interesting, exciting, you had better purchase some novel and fun rides except traditional mechanical ride. Such as, un-powered rides. Popular un-powered ride contains human powered roller coaster, air jumping cloud, dry snow rainbow slide, etc. The most important thing is that parent-child can play together. On the one hand, these ride can build children’s up. On the other hand, both adults and children can experience, which can expand your income.