If you want to build a 3000 square meter amusement park, our Dinis can give you some advice.  To build a 3000㎡outdoor amusement park is not easy, you need to use some external forces. You may ask who we are and what we do. We are professional kids park designer and planner in Chinese amusement industry with over 20 years design and planning experience. We specialize in designing parks for 3-12 year old. So far, we have designed and planned hundreds of amusement parks at home and abroad, like Tanzania, Turkey, Belgium, Dubai, Philippines, Peru, Bangladesh,etc. Including indoors and outdoors amusement park. Besides, we are also a professional amusement ride manufacturer & supplier. We not only produce mechanical rides but also produce un-powered ride. Our main mechanical products contain bumper cars, carousel, Ferris wheel, flying chair, roller coaster, train rides, etc. And then un-powered ride include snow dry rainbow slide, air jumping cloud, human powered pedal roller coaster, magic castle trampoline,etc. Each series product has many models. In general, our Dinis company is a company integrating park design, amusement equipment production and sales. So you can fully trust our strength. It is no exaggeration to say that if you choose us, your park project will be half successful.

How does we plan a outdoor amusement park for you?

This is the premise for our design team to work.  And then assess the site’s topography, soil conditions, existing vegetation and identify any potential challenges or opportunities for development. All of these are very important for the park construction. In addition, your expenditure budget also influence our park design plan. Therefore, it is a vital step for our work.

In this drawing picture, you can see specific park areas. Such as parking areas, rest areas, play areas, shops, walking paths, green spaces, seating, etc. Of course, you can add featured areas tailored to your needs like ecological natural areas, cute pet areas, etc. Besides, to make your park design more user-friendly we can add some special design for your park. Such as, install ramps to ensure the park is accessible to people with disabilities.

We will recommend you some suitable amusement rides according to your budget. If you have a tight budget, we advise you to buy some cheap but durable amusement ride. For example, trackless Thomas train, Christmas train, bumper car, human powered pedal roller coaster, air jumping cloud. However, if you have a enough budget, you can buy some popular but expensive amusement rides. Such as, Ferris wheel, flying chair, carousel, stainless steel slide, rabbit bouncy trampoline, swings, slides, climbing structures, etc. For specific amusement ride information, you can consult us or just send a free inquiry.

Outdoor amusement park plan

Can we make a reasonable assessment of your overall park investment?

  • Of course, dear friends. As a professional park design team, we have the ability to make a reliable estimate. However, we need to know more detail information in advance about your park. Such as the price of your land, and some credential information. Otherwise, we can’t make a estimate.

  • In addition, we can also make a RIO analysis later if you have need. According to our customer feedback, our RIO analysis is very helpful for their operations.

  • If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us or just send a free inquiry. Dinis Amusement ride manufacturer welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and negotiate business!